Betty Fish is my “grandma-in-law”, my aunt’s mom. She’s an amazing woman of God and has been a beautiful influence in my life over the years. She had a stroke on Sunday, and is really struggling at the moment. Please take a minute to pray for her, for her family, for the church family (First Baptist Ferguson), and everyone who is supporting her right now.

Here’s a message from my cousin about what’s going on:

Dear family,

I wanted to give everyone an update on Grandma Fish. The MRI determined she had a stroke in her brain stem. She can usually open her eyes briefly when someone speaks to her, but she cannot communicate (although she did try this morning). She can hear what is being said to her as she was able to follow a couple of directions this morning from the therapist such as raising her right thumb. She does not have use of her left side at all. She has had a couple of other things going on throughout the day and we really don’t know the significance level of those other issues right now. They will do additional testing tomorrow to see if there are other things they need to do. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain and the therapist said she needs as much rest as she can get, although she also said when she is alert and awake to engage her as much as possible and encourage that. It is really difficult to tell which times are which as her eyes are closed unless someone touches her and speaks to her. The Dr. this morning said the stroke being in her brain stem will likely result in her current state of abilities being permanent until she begins to decline. However, she will have various therapists working with her to try to encourage healing. So, we’re all praying for a miracle and that she is comfortable.

Thanks for all your prayers, and please pass this information on to anyone you think would need or like to know.