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Since I have been asked how the game was…

OMG the game was so much fun! Aaron went with me, which was interesting because he’s so anti-sports. But he does at least dislike soccer less than Am Football and baseball :-P. And he brought his camera, so he had a good time taking pics. The pics are on his Flickr page.

He was also pleased that noisemakers are technically not allowed in Arrowhead. There were a few air horns, bells, drums & vuvuzelas smuggled in, enough to spice up the crowd, but not enough to be annoying. I left mine in the car like a good girl.

It was super cool because it was an exhibition game. So it wasn’t so much about one team against another as it was just a celebration of soccer. There were people wearing jerseys from all over the world (saw a whole tailgate group of Honduras jerseys). And LOTS of Kansas City Wizards jerseys and ManU jerseys. I was surprised how many people seem to be legit fans (not just n00bs & wannabes leftover from the World Cup).

Not that I have anything against recent converts :-), just the ones who claimed to be converts but bailed once the US team was eliminated. (HELLO, there’s still the MLS. And the US vs Brazil friendly coming up. What? You have baseball games to watch? *Losers*)

There were 52,342 people there – the largest soccer crowd ever in KC, and the largest crowd ManU has played for in their U.S. tour so far. The atmosphere was really festive, but not wild.

And then, to top it all off, the Wizards freaking won the game. What? Yeah. They won. Granted, it was all ManU’s second string players. But still. KC’s had like a month long losing streak. And then they beat Manchester United. Fantabuloso.