Stevi’s Habitat has been an ongoing thing for about 10 years now. Crazy, yeah? 10 years of blogging. Of course, it started off as a Spree.com website that I had to code with html. When Spree went under, I moved it to AOL Hometown. Yay for crappy wysiwyg editing!

Then later Aaron offered to host me on his site. So together we created a new Stevi’ s Habitat. It was all kinds of complicated. But we were having fun learning web design techniques, so it was an educational experience. It also eventually became home to our wedding site. But updating it was a pain, so I was doing all my blogging at Xanga. So StevisHabitat.com became my portfolio site (not updated in a couple years).

Later, after we both gave up htmling, I created Stevi’s Habitat Blog as a wordpress platform site. I blogged a bit. But by then I was on Facebook, so it seemed a bit unnecessary.

From time to time, though, I still have an itch to blog. Notes on Facebook are fine, but don’t always suit my needs. However, at some point my chosen theme clashed with a WordPress update or something. In any case, the Stevi’s Habitat blog site is a mess. I don’t have time to deal with it at the moment. So I’m going to put the WordPress.com site I had to register years ago to some use.

Welcome to stevishabitat.wordpress.com.

I’ve got about a bazillion other websites that I supposedly manage… so hopefully keeping this simple and maintenance free will encourage me to do something with it. Or maybe not. You should probably just follow me on Twitter. I don’t really have that much to say that doesn’t get distilled to 140 characters. My life’s not that interesting….