Yesterday was Wil Wheaton‘s birthday. Given his status as a kind of honorary king of geeks, it’s not surprising that the event of his birthday would trigger an internet response of some kind. Sure enough, #toastwheaton began to show up in my twitter feed. People were posting pictures of themselves with a beverage toasting @wilw. Now, I have been known to be a bit of a sheep when it comes to twitter phenomena. It’s harmless mob behavior and takes little to no effort. And there’s a certain satisfaction to participating in something so wide-spread.

But I’ve had a long day. I’m not feeling like I can put my best face forward on the internets. So, if I’m gonna participate, I’ll have to get creative. Easiest answer… take a picture of a glass. But that’s boring. And kind of a cop out. And since The Ferg is already asleep, I don’t want to go searching for a camera. So whatever I’m gonna do, I’ll be doing w/ my phone cam. Phone cam is good for some things. Creative still-lifes in my dark living room? Not so much.

What could make my picture more interesting? Hmmm… pictures of cats are funny. Mojo is really funny. I’ll make Mojo #toastwheaton! Sounds easy enough. Get a glass. Fill with beverage. Place cat near glass.

Yeah right.

I don’t want a picture of the glass on the floor. That’s cheating. So I put the glass on the coffee table. Now, Mojo is not allowed on the coffee table. Sometimes in his mad dashes through the living room he uses it as a springboard between the floor & couch, and we let that go. But hanging out on the coffee table? Not allowed. Photo ops, however, are an exception to just about every rule. So I have to convince Mojo that I WANT him on the coffee table.

Enter the can of treats…

I spend a bunch of time trying to coerce Mojo to get on the coffee table. or at least sit up with his paws on the coffee table. He is reluctant. But he WANTS those treats. He has a long internal battle about it. I wait patiently with the phone cam on.

Taking pictures of Mojo is iffy at the best of times. He generally dislikes seeing the camera at all, really dislikes it pointed in his direction. Once a camera is in my hand, he pretends I don’t exist.

So I’ve got a treat in one hand, phone in the other, and I’m dancing around telling him how exciting this is going to be, and why Wil Wheaton is cool, and how adorable he’s going to look… He’s just getting more confused.

This is not going to happen. He jumps up on the table a few times, but he’s off so fast I can’t get a shot lined up & I end up w/ a black & white blur. He does not want anything to do with that glass on the table.

He’s sure I’m up to something sinister, and he might want that treat, but he’s not going to risk whatever nefarious plans I have for him. Then I get a decent one, but the TV is on in the background and throws off the contrast. Turn off the TV and try again.

Finally I give up on getting Mojo on the table. Or touching the table, or anywhere near that darn tankard that he’s so freaked out about. Now it’s about framing the glass & the cat in the picture in such a way that it’s clear that they’re both in the picture on purpose.

Once I let go of my plans & expectations I got something pretty decent. And actually, it’s cool enough I kind of wish I’d taken it with a real camera. The low light made it pretty grainy, and it would have been nice to play with the depth of field. Oh well.

Mojo Toasting Wheaton

Happy freaking birthday, @wilw, from @steviferg & @mojoferg. #toastwheaton