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Saturday, Mum & Aunt Kat came to CoMo for Girls’ Day Out. We used to do this monthly or every-other-monthly, but life got busy for all of us and the tradition faded away. But after a hectic summer with the school year impending, we all needed a break.

Part of the fun of Girls’ Day Out is going to restaurants I don’t get to visit often (sometimes one I’ve never been to before). The Ferg is a little bit picky, so I don’t get a huge variety of options when it comes to Date Night. So the Girls make it a point to take me places where He won’t go :-).

I’ve been trying to get them to Sparky’s for icecreamy goodness for awhile. But usually we eat so much, we don’t have room for dessert. So the plan this time was to do a progressive lunch, sharing smallish things at a few places, ending up at Sparky’s for dessert.

We discussed many options, but the moment I said “Thai,” Aunt Kat was all about it. We hit Bangkok Gardens first. We started out with Thai iced tea, which is a yummy concoction of super sweet tea and coconut milk. They were out of samosas, so our second-choice appetizer was shrimp shumai.

The shumai were TINY, and there were five of them, which made it difficult to split three ways. But they were really good. They came with the house sweet and sour sauce which complemented them perfectly. I will say, though, you really do want to eat them hot. Our phat thai came at almost the same time as the shumai, and we got distracted divvying up the phat thai and left one lone piece. When I claimed it later, it was cold and slimy… edible, but only barely.

As I said, the phat thai showed up super fast. I’ve had Bangkok’s phat thai lots of times, so I knew I was going to enjoy it. Aunt Kat’s a phat thai fan, so Mum was the only guinea pig of the bunch. We opted for peanut sauce and a heat rating of two. As usual, it was perfect. The meal also came with village rolls, which we chose in the pork variety. The sweet and sour sauce was perfect for dipping them as well.

Our next stop was Addison’s for Nachos Bianco and Red, White & Green. Mum & I have done Addison’s a few times, but I don’t think I’d introduced her to Nachos Bianco yet. I was a little disappointed with the amount of toppings. There definitely could have been more olives, tomatoes and scallions. But of course it was yummy and I think both the ladies were sold on it. The Red, White and Green was a good companion appetizer for the nachos.

We were pretty full at this point, so we hit Cherry Street to walk off our lunch to make room for Sparky’s. We went down to the Candy Factory, which had caught Aunt Kat’s eye on the way in. The ladies had a great time looking at all the cutesy stuff. I loaded up a bag of Jelly Bellies. Mum also bought an anniversary gift for The Ferg and I.

After that, we stopped at Tiger Spirit, because my brother, Weasel, had requested a new MU wallet. Mum and I both found shirts at the sidewalk sale (It was Dog Days in The District). Then a stop at Panera to use the facilities and get iced green tea. We considered walking to Brady to look for a better wallet for Weasel, but weren’t sure about their summer hours, so we just walked to the Quad to take our group photo, then meandered back downtown.

We all had actual weekly shopping to do, and still weren’t ready for ice cream. So we took a break to head to Walmart, got our errands accomplished, and made it back downtown in time to see the dinner crowds arriving. Luckily, the crowds hadn’t hit Sparky’s yet, and we were able to walk straight up and take our time taste-testing. Mum & Aunt Kat each got double scoops, and even though I normally have trouble finishing a single, I got ambitious and went for a double of spiced chai. It was really good, but took me a good long while to finish. Luckily, Mum & Aunt Kat were so amused by the décor that they didn’t mind me being a slowpoke.

We wrapped up our day with a lesson on mp3 player usage on my computer at home, and had some fun browsing LOLcats.

Girls Day Out