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A few weeks ago, I pulled into the Aldi parking lot and parked nose-to-nose with a car that looked just like my old one, Little Red. A red Ford Escort station wagon. Upon further inspection, I realized it was very much like mine, red interior, which is rare, and a silver fish on the back.

Mazda 3 & Ford Escort

I was amazed at how clean and well-kept the car was. Most of the mid-90s Escorts you see these days have been used and abused. But this one was shinier than my Little Red ever was. I took a pic of the two cars together, and went about my shopping. When I came out, I hoped to maybe see the owner, but no luck. So I snapped a few more pics and left.

Little Red

Little Red

Later, I told The Ferg about it, and that I wished I could meet the owner and tell them that I appreciate how they’re taking good care of the plucky little car. He thought that was weird.

Today, when I pulled onto the Aldi lot, lo and behold, the red Escort was there too! I was beginning to think it was an employee’s car, but then a lady walked up to it and began loading groceries. I hesitated, then plucked up my crazy-person courage and walked up to her.

I told her I appreciated how nice she’s kept the car. And then she tells me the story….

After her last car died, she was worried about going into debt to replace it. A couple at her church had been hanging onto the Escort for their kids, but none of the kids wanted it because it wasn’t cool. So they gave it to her. She calls her Glory. And she loves her car.

She never had a hatchback before, but now she’s a convert (once you go hatch, you never go back). She told me she’s had some work done on Glory, but hasn’t had any major problems. She talks about “her” with the kind of affection I do when I talk about my car. And she told me to tell The Ferg… she doesn’t think I’m crazy.



So now I know. It’s not just somebody’s old grocery hauler. This little car is someone’s blessing. An answer to prayer. And so if I see Glory out and about around town, I know she’s so beautiful because she’s loved.

And I hope Zoom-Zoom always glows with the look of a well-loved and appreciated car. She’s my blessing now.