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I’ve been learning to crochet. Mum tried to teach me a million years ago, but I was not interested at that point. I’ve had friends knitting around me for years, many who offered to teach me to knit, but I’m not actually a fan of knitted goods, so I refrained from jumping on that bandwagon.

Then two things happened recently that made me reconsider my stance against yarn-related crafts: a few friends got pregnant and I started watching soccer again.

I found myself wanting a sassy blue & white scarf to show my support for a certain MLS club on the western end of the state, should they make it to the playoffs this fall (fingers crossed). I also found myself wanting to create something special for my baby-making friends. My knitting friends are always creating things for friends – notably scarves and baby blankets.

And so, it was with a purpose and a plan that I took myself to Joann Fabric and walked out with a handful of crochet hooks and some yarn.

I attempted to teach myself via Instructables and YouTube videos. This did not get me very far. It’s difficult to see exactly what’s going on from diagrams and videos. With no one around to tell me why my attempted washcloth looked more like a tattered loincloth, I was getting nowhere fast.

Then Mum came to visit for Labor Day, and we spent an afternoon doing row upon row of practice stitches.

Several weeks (and much practice and disassembling) later, I have a scarf!

Grey Scarf

Grey Scarf Up Close

I’m still not entirely sure my turning is going exactly right, so I want to experiment a little more before I jump into the projects I had in mind. I also have to decide what yarn I’m going to use…

Yarn Choices

The Ferg, though he originally poo-pooed my new hobby, was impressed with the scarf, and has demanded a blanket made in the same fashion.