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Rather than the traditional Twitter version of Follow Friday, I’m sharing links to some blogs. This time around I’ll share some blogs of people I know in real life. I’ll do them in alphabetical order, and do a few each week.

Sumpmrother – The Ferg’s general blog, about whatever’s captured his attention recently. He also has a bike blog: GearInches

Aimee Bee – Aimee Swift: photographing & blogging daily life as a grad student, wife, and her ministry at home and abroad.

Hoops Hundred – Brandon Hoops is reading 100 books this year. Follow him on his literary odyssey.

Parsimonia – Beth Styles inspires with second-hand fashion & decor ideas. She also has an etsy store of her found & revitalized treasures.

Bennett Brinson Gamel – The Gamel family shares the ups and downs of life with a child with Cystic Fibrosis.

I use Google Reader to keep up with my favorite blogs & websites. It’s free and easy to use. It’s like an inbox for updates from all your favorite blogs.

What about you?

Any blogs you’d like to recommend?