Had to go down to the Grindstone area for a work-related errand. So I took a quick break to check out the new Goodwill store. It was very large, very clean, and supremely well organized. The giant signs designating each department were super helpful. I headed straight to the purse area, since I’ve been looking for something specific. Ten minutes and $25 later, I walked out with four purses and four pairs of shoes. Schweeeet!

I was most excited about a small purple purse I found. I’ve been wanting a small purse or bag of some kind to put my most used items in that I can pull out of one purse or tote bag and put into another. When I do the courier run for work, I carry a big tote bag, and rather than carry my purse also, I transfer my important items (phone, wallet, mp3 player, etc) from my purse into my tote bag. Every day. It gets tedious. And sometimes things get left behind.

So a small purse or bag was what I was specifically looking for when I headed to the purse section. Lo and behold, there was an adorable purple purse that actually matches the interior of my everyday purse. And it’s just the right size to fit the stuff I need most often. Including my pocket camera. It was $3. That was a successful trip to Goodwill – no pain, lots of gain.