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My morning in Tweets:

Maybe not the worst morning ever, but still earned a high rating of craptastic.

Had the day off yesterday due to Veterans Day. Slept in & bought a bunch of new jeans & sweaters at Goodwill. Yay.

Stuck them in the wash before I went to bed so I could wear new jeans today.

Alarm went off at 6:45. Apparently I didn’t reset my alarm for today. FAIL.

Opened the washer. One of the new sweaters had DISINTIGRATED in the wash. Teal fuzz on EVERYTHING.

Only had time to dry one pair of jeans. Grr. Picked a pair to dry, hauled the rest to the bathroom to hang. Trailing fuzz all over carpet.

Apparently the curtain rod couldn’t deal with the weight. Came crashing down on my head. FAIL.

Vacuumed up most of the fuzz. When the jeans were finally dry, discovered they were ones that were too long & I planned to hem.

So I’m sporting big cuffs today. Real classy.

We’ve got about a bazillion closings today, with some super needy agents. So if my head just explodes today, don’t be surprised.