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Oh no, she’s writing about soccer again. Doesn’t she know no one cares?


So there.

There are people who care. And one of them might stumble on this post and find it incredibly useful.


As you may or may not be aware, the Major League Soccer team in Kansas City, MO/KS recently changed their name. So the team formerly known as The Kansas City Wizards are now (officially) known as Sporting Kansas City.

Personally, I’m not pleased with the change. I’m not sure why change was necessary at all. Sure The Wizards is a little bit silly. But there are plenty of professional sports teams with silly names (Mighty Ducks, anyone?).

As The Ferg said, when I told him about the name change, at least everyone knows what a wizard is.

There’s some big long explanation about what the new name is supposed to represent. The bottom line is, the owners want Sporting KC to be kind of like a franchise brand. They’ll sponsor other professional sports, non-professional leagues, maybe open up a few venues, training camps, fitness clubs, etc. All under the umbrella of the Kansas City Sporting Club.

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Due to the name change, just about every blog, Twitter & Facebook associated with the team (officially or unofficially), has had to change names, and therefore website addresses. SO, here’s a list of the ones I know about, including the ones who haven’t changed names (yet). I’m not quite sure what will happen to the Hillcrest Syndicate and The Cauldron – my guess is they won’t be changing their names anytime soon, so far their battle cry continues to be “Wizards till I die!”

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