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“Hymn” by Cædmon
7th Century AD

Now let me praise             the keeper of Heaven’s kingdom,
the might of the Creator,         and his thought,
the work of the Father of glory,     how each of wonders
the Eternal Lord             established in the beginning.

He first created                 for the sons of men
Heaven as a roof,             the holy Creator,
then middle-earth             he keeper of mankind,
the Eternal Lord,             afterwords made,
the earth for men,             the Almighty Lord.

In West Saxon Old English

Nu sculon herigean            heofonrices weard,
meotodes meahte            and his modgeþanc,
weorc wuldorfæder,            swa he wundra gehwæs,
ece drihten,                or onstealde.

He ærest sceop            eorðan bearnum
heofon to hrofe,            halig scyppend;
þa middangeard            moncynnes weard,
ece drihten,                æfter teode
firum foldan,                frea ælmihtig.