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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day RibbonToday is World AIDS Day. Since I’m involved with a ministry in Choluteca, Honduras whose mission is touching the lives of families affected by HIV/AIDS with the love of Christ, I want to encourage you to take some time today to think and pray about the people who are struggling with this disease daily, and for those who are working worldwide to challenge the grip of poverty that enables its spread.

This information from Compassion International shows the challenge that is before the world in combating the causes and effects of HIV/AIDS…

The lies that poverty tells about HIV and AIDS.

  • HIV testing is unreliable.
  • HIV can be spread by sharing food or hugging an affected individual.
  • HIV is transmitted by mosquitoes.
  • An HIV-positive mother cannot have children.
  • HIV only affects drug users.
  • If an individual is receiving treatment for HIV or AIDS, he or she can’t spread the virus.

We can easily educate ourselves with books, the Internet, visits to the doctor, etc. However, these resources aren’t as readily available to those in the developing world surviving on less than $1.25 a day. The truth about HIV is that it’s a preventable and treatable disease.

So today, I have a very short to-do list for you: Do something to spread awareness about the truth of HIV and AIDS.

It’s a pretty simple task. Here are a few places that’ll help you get started:

Also check out The Rock’s ministry in Honduras: RockHonduras.com


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