– Author Unknown

If you delay living the joys until later,
they can fade to almost nothing
before you ever experience them.

If you delay addressing the problems until later,
they can become far more difficult and imposing
by the time you get around to them.

Instead, live life as it comes.
Work through the challenges as they appear,
and bring in the joys as they come along.

If you delay rest and relaxation for too long,
you’ll grow weary and burned out.

If you delay effort for too long,
the best of life’s opportunities will pass you by.

Rest when you’re tired,
and get back on your way when you’re rested.
Listen to the rhythm of life, and live it as it comes.

Stop waiting for things to get better,
or easier, more comfortable or more convenient.
Go with what you have here and now.

Find the value in each moment,
in each situation as it arises, then live that value.
Make the very most of life,
each moment as it comes along.

Know that God is in control and He’ll always make a way for you.