Craftiness, Day in the Life

Productivity WIN

Got SO much crocheting done this weekend. Most of the projects were ones I’d started awhile ago, but finally got to all the various stores to get the yarn I needed to finish them.


  • Hat & Scarf for Grandma K
  • Scarf for El Gigante’s boyfriend
  • Baby hat & matching mommy scarf for a friend
  • Set of 2 woobies & baby blanket for a friend


  • Hat for El Gigante*

In progress:

  • Black & gold Mizzou scarf to sell
  • Baby blanket for a friend

Wish I could post pics, but I’ve discovered that the best lighting for photographing crochet projects is sunshine. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a break to take pics yesterday, so I have to wait until the weekend. It’s barely light out when I leave for work in the mornings, and super dark when I get home. One of many things I hate about winter – very limited photography hours.  I still need to find a good way to photograph hats, since my mannequin has no head. Suggestions welcome!

I’ve sold a few more things from my Etsy store, but there are still some left, if anyone’s interested. Since I’ve finished so many projects, I can now take orders for more. I have a huge stash of yarn waiting to be used. Here are a few examples:

Depending on size, scarves and hats from these yarns would be about $15, w/out shipping. Woobies would be $20, punkin seat blankets $25, and crib blankets $35.

UPDATE: I also have cotton yarn suitable for making pot-holders, dish/wash cloths, hand towels. Let me know if you’re interested in things like that and we’ll work out a price.

*El Gigante is my middle brother. My younger brother is Weasel


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