It’s About Time…

I’m gonna geek out on ya for a minute.

So if you’re not into that, move on and read another blog.

It’s time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

I’m very happy about this.

See, it was all the hype surrounding last year’s Christmas/New Year Specials that sparked my interest in the show to begin with (they were David Tennant’s final episodes).

So it was over last Christmas break that I marathoned my way through series 1-4.

I waited with anticipation for series 5 to begin. Then I discovered it was airing two weeks later here than in the UK.

Disappointment! Frustration! Torrenting!

So as Christmas began to approach, and I heard that another Christmas Special was forthcoming, I prepared myself for that feeling of “Second-Class Who fan” that I get when I have to resort to non-traditional methods to obtain access to the show, knowing that everyone else has already seen it.

Then I saw this…

That’s right. At least for this one episode, Americans are not being pushed aside. We don’t have to wait until the middle of January to see the Christmas Special. Granted, the UK has already seen it today, due to the time difference. But still. I feel more like a family member who’s been invited to the party- even if I couldn’t make it on time – rather than some annoying neighbor who comes knocking on the door asking for Christmas dinner leftovers.

I mean, sure, there’s a certain thrill involved in hunting down alternative means of seeing something you’re officially not supposed to have yet. But delaying broadcast in America for two weeks seems so arbitrary and unfair. So the thrill is dampened. Instead of a challenge, it feels more like dumpster-diving. Sure, you get the prize in the end, but you feel kind of sleazy doing it.

Regarding the episode itself…

It doesn’t matter one bit how cheesy it turns out to be. That’s not the point.

It’s Doctor Who. On Christmas. On my TV.

Bring on that lunatic with the bow tie!

Bow ties are cool.


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