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Karla Cruz 2007

Karla Cruz (2007)

Karla Cruz, a 32-year-old single mom with four sons, passed away on December 9, 2010. She is survived by 12-year-old son, Jorge, who also has HIV; 8-year-old, Brian; and 2-year-old twins, Eli and Elias, who are not infected.

Please be praying for Karla’s family during this difficult time.

The Life of Karla Cruz

Karla’s life has always been extremely difficult, making her difficult to reach. She spent part of her life as a member of a gang, and lost her husband to a rival gang. She was raised in a home with an alcoholic father and, thankfully, a Christian mother.

Karla was tested HIV positive, along with her son Jorge. She was also diagnosed with cervical cancer category two, syphilis, and papaloma. The Casa Hogar team began praying for Karla and felt that God was trying to break her. The team continued to pray for her and show her Christ’s love.

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