Love this portion of this article. It expresses what I feel about most entertainment and arts “industries” today…

As traditional wisdom would have it, music is an ailing industry. Listeners won’t pay for content, labels are going bankrupt and artists don’t know how to connect with their digital fans.

Lots of obvious pain points waiting to be addressed, and lots of start-ups offering obvious solutions. But obvious is never disruptive. The opportunity for disruption in music lies in the pleasure of music creation.

The idea that only professional musicians, backed by labels, should create music was a relatively short-lived fad (music creation has, for most of human history, been a central part of daily life; some even believe that music was a precursor to speech), and it is so over.

So let’s forget about the dying parts of the music industry, and focus instead on the world’s 6 billion living, breathing musicians who are ready and waiting to express themselves through music creation.

via The Pleasure Principle: Not All Products Need To Be Painkillers.