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Caps For Good

Save the Children and the Warm Up America! Foundation are asking Americans across the country to pick up your knitting needles and crochet hooks to help save the lives of nearly four million newborn babies in the developing world.

The Caps for Good grassroots initiative will be running from September 2010 through February, 2011 encouraging citizens of all ages to participate by making a cap and advocating and fundraising to provide newborn care in developing countries.

Baby caps are a simple and effective tool that can keep babies warm and ultimately contribute to reducing newborn deaths in the developing world.

Nearly 4 million babies die each year in their first month of life – half within their first 24 hours – mostly from preventable or treatable causes. But by giving mothers and caregivers a package of simple tools, including guidance on healthy newborn care practices, the majority of these deaths  could be prevented. Items crucial to saving more babies’ lives include:

•   antibiotics to treat infection
•   immunizations against tetanus
•   skilled birth attendants at every birth
•   counseling on breastfeeding
•   information on basic newborn care such as keeping the cord clean and keeping the baby warm

This is where you can help by making a cap! Your caps will be sent to Save the Children’s newborn health programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Visit to see stories about how caps like yours are making a difference in the lives of mothers and children around the world.

The Caps for Good program will conclude on February 28, 2011. Please send all caps to the address in the Action Kit by this date.

Download the Caps for Good Action Kit with free patterns and more ways to get involved.

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via Good Goes™ Newborn & Child Survival Campaign / Save The Children / Caps For Good.

It takes me about 1.5 hours to make a newborn cap.  It’s a great project while watching TV. I’ve been using small balls of yarn leftover from other projects. So I get to use up spare yarn, and do something productive while being a couch potato, and it will bring a little bit of extra joy & hope to a new mom somewhere in the world. That’s a lot of win.

I’ve already made two caps. Here’s my first one.

Newborn Cap

This one was made from leftover yarn that I’d used to make a punkin seat blanket for my coworker’s preemie. The cuff was made from vintage baby yarn that I got from Mum. It’s super soft and super cute (anything that tiny is guaranteed to be adorable).

I’m hoping they do this project again, because I know I’ll have plenty of leftover yarn to put to good use in the future.


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