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Find Someone to Bless

From FlyLady:

One of the hardest things about de-cluttering our homes is that we know we have things to get rid of, we even will have things ready to give away but we don’t actually take the things that we have and get them out of our house.

A lot of people are using FreeCycle and I think it is a fabulous idea. If you don’t know what FreeCycle is – google it – you will learn more than you want to know, LOL.

Having said that, I have two issues – safety and storage.

  1. Please please be careful about having people come to your homes to pick up the items you have to give away.
  2. The second issue is the storage of the items you have to give away while waiting for someone to tell you that they want the items. Holding on to these items is still clutter in your homes. Remember that clutter is anything that you have that you do not use, love or need. If you are going to list items on FreeCycle you need to have a time limit in which to hold onto them.

Sometimes we are not aware of places that we can bless others.

Your Surprise Challenge for today is to take 15 minutes to find several places that you can make your donations. You want to think
about this first:

  • You want to have at least one place that will come to you and pick things up (example Purple Heart or Salvation Army).
  • You want to have one place that has a drop off location in a convenient area for you. You want to have a place that you can do what I call the toss and drop. An example is a Goodwill trailer in a parking lot of a shopping center or churches that have dumpster-like containers that you can drop off your things without too much hassle.
  • The hassle factor is what prevents us from actually blessing others. If it is too hard or too many details we find ourselves keeping the clutter instead of getting it out of our homes.
  • I personally prefer to donate items to places that truly need it. One of my favorite places is a re-sale shop that is for victims of domestic violence. The items are taken into the shop and inventoried. If there is someone that needs a certain item, it is given to them. What is donated that is not chosen for someone goes into the re-sale shop and all of the profits of these items go towards counseling services, safe houses, doctor visits and much more for the victims.

Take 15 minutes today to find at least three places that you can bless others with the things that you no longer love or need.

Please don’t give things away that are broken or unusable. Those things need to be recycled or tossed.

Finding a place that you feel good about makes it easier to part with the things that you do not need any longer in your home.

Good Luck and Have Fun!


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