Kei Kamara at Snowball Fight

One Example of Why Soccer is the Best Sport


Article from SportingKC with tons of links: Anatomy of an Epic Snowball Fight

Another great article:  Mad Props : SpecialKCsnowmageddon

And another article:  Sporting KC Knows How to Have Fun

Photos of the event:  Sporting Kansas City Snowball Fight

A short video:  Snow Ange4ls after a Goal

Video of Kai Kamara, Sporting KC player & organizer of the event:  Sporting KC Snowball Fight!

Man I wanna say thnx to all those involved wit the event today #specialKCsnowmageddon it was awesome. Thank U. Let’s make this a fun yr KC.

3:04PM Jan 20th via ÜberTwitter

Kei Kamara at Snowball Fight
Kei Kamara at Snowball Fight


Got this message in my Facebook inbox today…

Sean Dane sent a message to the members of The Cauldron.
Sean Dane
Sean DaneJanuary 19, 2011 at 8:10pm
Subject: Urgent Snowball News
Snowball fight w Kei Kamara, Michael Harrington, Matt Besler, Jon Kempin @UMKC Volker & Rockhill. Noon tomorrow 1/20. Be there. Chipotle after the fight.

And yet another example of the suckage of supporting a team so far away…

The tweets that started it all:

Just looking out the window and I would love to go snowball fight tom. Who’s inn??? I was thinkin outside UMKC

4:43PM Jan 19th via ÜberTwitter

Guys am really SERIOUS bout this snowball fight…wish u could C the seriousness on my face rite now. :/ wait I think that’s a confuse sign

6:25PM Jan 19th via ÜberTwitter

Here’s a fan page tracking it, and they will supposedly stream video live.

KC Star Article:  SNOWFIGHT! Sporting KC players challenge fans to snowball fight tomorrow

Another Article:  Sporting KC players to snowball fight fans at high noon Thursday

Here’s some of the Twittage going on about it (ignore the timestamps, these are screencaps collected at different times):


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