Altoids Tin with Headphones

DIY mp3 & Headphone Case

Altoids Tin

Mint tins are one of the most useful containers in the world. I’ve used them for mini sewing kits, mini first-aid kits, cough drops, batteries, extra SD cards for my camera, hair rubberbands, jewelry on vacations, all kinds of things. Here’s my favorite use so far, though….

Altoids Tin with Headphones

It’s a cheap & easy way to keep your headphones neat & protected in your purse or backpack. No need to do any complicated wrapping, no worry about fraying the wires from wrapping too tight. Keeps dust & grit from the bottom of your bag from gunking up the earbuds, unlike many wrapping methods.

If your mp3 player is small & thin, it might even fit in there with them. My Sansa Fuze does.

Altoid Tin with mp3 playerAltoid Tin with mp3 player and Headphones

So go get a tin of mints, drop them in a ziplock bag to share with friends, wipe the dust out of the tin, and you’re good to go.


1 thought on “DIY mp3 & Headphone Case”

  1. I use altoid minis for storing medication in my pocket. That tiny little container can hold a lot of meds. Way better than medication bottles. And if the rattling bothers you, tape some tissue to the inside of it.

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