First flap-hat!

I’ve had some requests for hats with earflaps, but I haven’t been sure how to make them. I’m not very good at reading crochet patterns. Luckily these are the days of crafty bloggers! I found some blogs with more detailed descriptions and pictures of flap-making techniques, and I combined a few in order to achieve what I wanted.


Here’s the pattern I used the most. I modified it to use double crochet stitches, rather than trebles, in order to make the stitches tighter to keep wind out better. I used a few rows of single crochet stitches for edging, and that worked out perfectly to cover any awkwardness in the decreasing stitches of the earflaps.

I’m still really horrible at estimating size, and pretty horrible at building the crown correctly (usually takes a few tries to get somewhat close to what I want). But the result turned out pretty decent. I used super cheap yarn, since it was an experiment, so it’s kind of lumpy.


Another skill I learned for the making of this hat was the technique of making puff-balls. The Ferg actually found the Instructable for me, and it was fairly easy to follow. I could have made this one a little thicker, I think, but it turned out decent. Again, the crappy quality of the yarn makes it less than ideal, but now at least I know what I’m doing.


This turned out about my size, so the right size for a big kid or small adult. As I said, it’s not made with the best yarn, and it is my first attempt, but if anyone wants it, let me know. I’d like to find a home for it.


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