Day in the Life, Soccer

Downsides to 9:30 Soccer Games

  1. Some of the women are up past their bedtime.
  2. Some of the women go out to dinner/drinks before – so they’re stuffed and buzzed.
  3. Some of the women play on more than one team, so they’ve already played a game.
  4. Everyone is a little cranky.

The game started out light-hearted & fun. But it didn’t take long until it started to get a little ugly. Some rude comments got my team riled up, and the play started getting dirty. Shirt-pulling, elbowing and tripping from the other team led to a great deal of cussing and aggression from my teammates. The ref had to actually start calling fouls, which apparently isn’t something he’s accustomed to from the “old hens league”. I’m a little nervous about our next game against that particular team. There might actually be carding…


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