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Foaming Soap

A few years ago, I did a little series on economical/green housekeeping. In one of those posts, I mentioned foaming soap dispensers. The topic has come up a few times recently, and I thought I’d go a little more in-depth on the why, where and how of foaming soap…

Why Use Foaming Soap:

foam soap

Less soap: The benefit of this is that it creates thick foam that will cover your hands or dishes or whatever thoroughly and evenly, using less soap than you normally would pump out.  When you pump soap into your hand, then add water to create suds, you end up washing a lot of extra soap down the drain.  The foaming soap dispenser avoids this waste.  It prevents some more flamboyant soap users from over-doing it.

Less water: It also takes less water to rinse off, since it’s already diluted and evenly distributed (no gooey soap globs on the dishes that keep foaming up).

Fewer bottles: You can refill a foaming dispenser with any kind of liquid soap, properly diluted with water (see below on how).  You can buy economy size bottles of your favorite soap, and simply refill all the foaming dispensers with that.  So you don’t throw out lots of little bottles as they run out.

Many uses: You can use almost any type of soap in a foaming dispenser, as long as it’s diluted properly.  Hand soap, dish soap, shower gel, shampoo… any liquid or gel-type soap that creates suds can be put in a dispenser.

Where to Find Foaming Soap Dispensers:

The key is to find a foaming dispenser you like.  I have ones that match the décor in each bathroom and the kitchen.

How to Make Foaming Soap:

The general rule for making foaming soap is 3 TBSP soap to 2/3 cup water. Add the water first, then the soap & shake. Or mix them in a separate container before adding to your dispenser. Using warm water will help dissolve the soap better.




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