beans on toast

Beans on Toast – Recipe

OK, this isn’t really a recipe. It’s just a good solid, cheap breakfast food. I’m a weirdo. I don’t like the standard carbalicious breakfast foods like cereal or pancakes. I need protein first thing in the morning. So more often than not, my breakfast consists of the previous night’s leftovers. But I do have a handful of things I will make specifically for breakfast. Omelets, baleadas, frijoles refritos en tortilla, and beans on toast to name a few. In the spirit of my Adventures in Bean Cookery, I thought I’d share the Beans on Toast.

You can use any kind of bread, and any kind of beans. Beans in a sauce work better than just cooked beans. Baked beans, pork & beans, ranch style… whatevs.  You can butter the toast before applying the beans. That’s pretty good. You can also stick a slab of fried country ham on there, if you want a meatier breakfast. A side of scrambled eggs w/ tomatoes goes pretty well.

Don’t try picking this up to eat like a sandwich. Unless you toasted your bread to paving stone consistency, the sauce will make it mushy very quickly. That’s the point. Get a fork, cut it into bits and eat it like you would biscuits & gravy or pancakes & syrup. Finger-food it most certainly is not.

bread & beans
Pick your fave bread & beans
Why beans are good for you
Perfectly toasted bread
beans on toast
Finished Product

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