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The first of March tends to just sneak up on me suddenly. But this year, I’m actually looking ahead. So I’m preparing to celebrate St. David’s Day for reals this time.

Since first learning the origins of the Davis family years ago, I’ve learned more and more of the history, and it’s just inspired me to a little more family pride. I discovered one ancestor who served in the Continental Army in the American Revolution – how awesome is that?

Though it’s been about 350 years since the Davis/Davies clan left Wales for the New World (around 1650), you have to admire the tenacity of the family to hang on to the family names that they brought with them from the mother country in spite of intermarrying with a bunch of Germans.

David was used as a first name at least 7 times in my direct lineage and as a second name more than that (multiple sons per generation were given David as a second name). A few of my relations were actually named David David Davis. So it seems fitting to celebrate the holiday that honors the guy who’s name started the trend: Saint David.
Obviously, St. David’s Day isn’t a big deal in these parts, but I plan to adorn my desk with daffodils, make some Welsh recipes, listen to some hymns, and probably watch some of my fave BBC Cymru shows.

Over the next few days I’ll try to post some of the Welsh recipes & songs that will comprise my St. David’s Day observance. Now excuse me while I go gather some leeks…