Day in the Life, Missions

Hasta Luego!

I’ll be heading out to make my annual pilgrimage to Choluteca, Honduras tonight. Our flight leaves from KC at around 6am tomorrow (March 25). We’ll be getting back to KC around 10pm on Sunday April 3. I have a few posts scheduled to go up this week, and will hopefully have the opportunity to post from Honduras at some point. So it won’t even seem like I’m not here :-).

What you can pray for while we are there:

  • Pray that we will be the eyes and ears of The Rock in Honduras, and that when we return, we can be the voice of Choluteca to our church and to the campus.
  • Health & safety (especially in regards to the heat)
  • Flexibility and humility
  • Brotherly love and unity toward each other and our hosts
  • Building a foundation for future work, dream big!
  • Seeds of faith will be planted, some will be watered, and others harvested
  • To encourage to our brothers at the Choluteca church, and receive encouragement gracefully.
  • Cultivation of our relationships with our brothers & sisters in Choluteca.
  • Strengthen our faith
  • Remove our inhibitions
  • Help us make the most of every opportunity
  • Give us a sweet life-altering week
  • Make our hearts sensitive
  • Give us a mindset of service
  • Help us to make a difference
  • Teach us to rely on You
  • Make us strong and courageous
  • Help us to soak up the experience
  • May we come home with no regrets
  • May our hearts be broken by the things that break the heart of God…

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