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Since finishing the baby blanket for Meli & Eli, I didn’t want to start on another big project, so I decided to do some wash cloths to take to Honduras. I’ll be able to give these as gifts to my host family and maybe the ladies that cook at the church.

I do my wash cloths with 100% cotton yarn, because it is absorbant and heat-resistant, so they can also be used as pot holders or trivets. They also stand up to bleach better than acrylic, so if people use bleach for dishes or cleaning, they won’t fall apart.

These are done in rows with just a simple single crochet, then a single crochet border around the edge. I’m still not super happy with how my loops are turning out, but they’re functional.

I’m taking a few balls of yarn with me on the trip, so I can put the long hours on the plane & bus to good use.