Tropical Blue Baby Blanket

I’m in the middle of a baby blanket marathon. I have 5 baby showers before the end of May, so I’m crocheting like a crazy granny. I had to postpone a lot of the work until I was done with the Honduras shoe drive, so now it’s really crunch time.

The first one is done, and the shower is over, so I can now post it.

Baby Girl B‘s Blanket:

Yep, another granny square blanket. The pattern seems to work well, and I’ve gotten good reviews, so during my “baby blanket marathon” I”m sticking with the tried and true. Maybe I’ll get enough of a break this summer to experiment with new patterns… or maybe I’ll just stock up on scarves. I might be a little burned out on blankets by the time I’m done with the marathon :-).

This yarn is fantastic for making baby blankets. It’s a fluffy yarn, so it goes really quickly. It seems to hold it’s shape a bit better than some of the lighter weight yarns, so I don’t have to do as many supporting rows of singles and doubles to keep the granny square square-shaped.

And after it’s been washed, it’s so soft and fuzzy you can’t help but cuddle with it. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what one of the ladies at the shower did. When we passed the gift around the room for everyone to ooh and ahh over, she was a the end of the circle, so she just draped it over her arms and stayed snuggly warm for the rest of the shower :-).

It’s a limited-time yarn at Joann’s so after I decided I liked it, I went back and bought a few skeins of each color pattern. If I don’t find babies to match it to, I’ll probably make some blankets from it to sell on Etsy.


6 thoughts on “Tropical Blue Baby Blanket”

  1. Absolutely beautiful crochet work, Stevi! I also love the choice of yarn! Your stitches are even and beautiful!

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