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Bones Quote – Iguana Hat

Vincent Nigel-Murray: I’m very, very sorry.

Brennan: Why? You’ve done more than satisfactory work.

Vincent Nigel-Murray: Oh, no no no no – as part of my recovery from…drinking a lot…and having fun, I have to make amends.

Brennan: Alright, what for?

Vincent Nigel-Murray: One night I borrowed your iguana…and wore it as a hat…at a party.

Brennan: Well, you must have taken care of it, because I didn’t see any damage.

Vincent Nigel-Murray: And…also, I have to apologise for spreading the rumour that you and I were…lovers. It was nothing serious…we were on and off…we were just each other’s sexual playthings. And please remember that I am apologising for things I did when I was besotted with drinking.

Brennan:*Laughs hysterically.*

Vincent Nigel-Murray: Why are you laughing?

Brennan: Because…the absurdity…I mean you and I, having a sexual relationship of any kind! Your friends must be very gullible.

Vincent Nigel-Murray: No, they’re not..not particularly.

Brennan: Then they must have been inebriated and incapable of irrational thought.

Vincent Nigel-Murray: Stranger things have happened

Brennan: I can’t think of any! I mean I would sooner confirm that the chupacabra was the the cause of this man’s death.

Vincent Nigel-Murray: I’ve been told that I’m an excellent lover…so…

Brennan: It appears that I’ve hurt your feelings.

Vincent Nigel-Murray: No, no no, it’s all part of the process, and I have to accept the consequences of my actions as part of the recovery.

Brennan: Then I’m glad that I could help. I must say that I’m impressed that you were able to get my iguana to stay on top of your head.

Vincent Nigel-Murray: I’m clever with ribbons.


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