Tutti Frutti Baby Blanket

Baby D’s Blanket:

After having both a girl and a boy, my cousin didn’t mind leaving baby #3’s gender to be a surprise. So when I asked her sister what colors she was looking for for baby things, the answer was “rainbow.” So, I went out and found some rainbow yarn. I know she’s been very into purple lately, so I loved how this yarn gave an impression of a lot of purple, even though there isn’t really any more purple than any other color. It reminded me of some kind of fruity sherbet or something, so I call it the Tutti Frutti blanket.

It’s made with one of the Joann Sensations yarns, a bit fluffier than worsted weight, so I can use a big hook and work it quickly. I used my standard granny square pattern, and did a few rows of single and double crochets in order to keep the structure of the square shape. With two older siblings and plenty of hand-me-downs, I hope this unique blankets feels like Baby #3’s very own special blanket.


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