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Possibly the best article I’ve read so far about the game against Brazil…

The US Ladies Flip the Script… and the Tragedy is All Brazil’s

Maura Gladys on the USWNT’s monumental win.

Posted 2011/07/11 by cosmosredux in USWNT.

A little bit of drama, a little bit of emotion, and one heck of a comeback by the USWNT.

Thinking about this game, I thought about an idea that Brian Phillips threw around a while ago on his excellent blog, Run of Play. It’s the idea that when something incredible occurs, we look back at it with a “climate of expectation” that’s drastically different from the one in which it occurred. Basically, we look back at it as if it couldn’t have occurred any other way.

And on rare occasions, every event and occurrence seems delicately, and deliberately placed, one after another, onto a perfect string of moments and emotions, creating something that is almost perfect.

What happened today in Dresden was perfect. Every touch, every run, every call, now in hindsight seems as if it was destined to end with Abby Wambach’s header, Hope Solo’s save, and Ali Krieger’s penalty, even though it didn’t seem that way at the time. Because of that afterglow, we’ll remember this game not as one of tactics, but of moments and movement and feeling. In the spirit of that, and giving a nod to the pure literary feel of it all, here’s USA-Brazil in three acts.

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