Dresden Disappointment – Part 1

My apologies if this series of posts is a little haphazard. It’s cobbled together from my posts on various forums. I tried to pull it all into a cohesive whole, but it’s still a bit piecey….

I pre-ordered the Ghost Story audiobook (CDs) a while ago, and apparently missed all the news on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. that would have brought the change of narrator to my attention. I had already ripped off the plastic when I saw the tiny tiny print on the front that said “Read by John Glover.” WHAT?! Who the #$%& is John Glover?

So there I was with an audiobook in my hands that wasn’t at all what I’d been expecting. I listened to the first chapter, and while I was immensely disappointed that it wasn’t James Marsters, John Glover wasn’t horrible to listen to, and I thought I could tolerate the whole book.

I went to the forum, to see how other people felt about the new narrator. As I saw more and more comments indicating that the book is quite emotional, and the new narrator doesn’t handle that part well, I decided to get the hardback to read first, letting my own imagination take care of the emotional bits. The book is very introspective and very pivotal, so I think it was the right decision.

I plan to listen to the audiobook as well, and maybe do a comparison review of the book and the audiobook. But not right away. I still need to let the book marinate, and maybe re-read it before I can do the kind of review it deserves.

But I do want to address the uproar over the change of narrator. So come again tomorrow for some thoughts on that situation.


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