Fall Promo Fever – Castle

For a long time, I gave up on TV. I thought all the good shows were over, and nothing really interested me. The last few years, I’ve come to embrace a handful of shows, and this fall, many of them are coming back with a vengeance. Over the next few days, I’ll post some promos for the shows my Tivo already knows to record…

Spoiler Warning: If you aren’t caught up to last season’s finale, spoilers abound. So close that tab. Really.


I describe Castle as a comedic crime drama. It’s a whodonit procedural, starring Nathan Fillion as a big-headed mystery novelist who follows a hot & savvy police detective as research for his books.

Ingredients of Awesome:

  • Captain Tightpants
  • Mysteries
  • A smart & sexy female crimefighter
  • Adorable family moments
  • Buddy cops!
  • Buckets of UST

Where we left last season:
Captain Montgomery was revealed to be the last dirty cop involved in the kidnapping that led to Beckett‘s mom’s murder. Then he was killed. At his funeral, Beckett was shot. And Castle professed his love as she lost consciousness. ACK! WHAT HAPPENS NOW???


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