Dresden Disappointment – Part 2

Sorry for the delay. Funny how real life gets in the way of my planned internet rants :-).

Now, to address the uproar over the change of narrator…

I think the “knee-jerk” reaction many people are having is because they came to the Dresden Files via James Marsters. I know I did. I liked his other work, and wanting to see what he was up to outside of TV, I found the Dresden Files.

I’ve never picked up a paper copy of the books. Twelve books in, I’m very used to how J.M. reads, how he voices each character, how he acts the scenes. It really is like changing the lead actor of a TV series or movie franchise. It kills the magic.

I’ve had to adjust to new narrators for other series before, and sometimes I can get past that stage and move on. Other times it’s a deal-breaker. I’m invested enough in the Dresden Files to keep reading. But I’m not sure I’ll keep buying audio books.

I think we all understand that a very quick decision had to be made, and everyone involved did the best they could under the circumstances.

My concern is for the future. I know we’re all hoping James Marsters can return for the next book, but in the event that it’s not possible, the powers that be need to seriously look for someone who can capture the 1st-person style, the immediacy, and the emotion. A good “reader” just doesn’t cut it in this case.

We, the fans, don’t have much say in the matter, aside from wielding our dollars and shouting a bit. But Jim Butcher does have influence – this is his work, his art, and he does have influence over how it’s published (audio, paper, electronic). There’s nothing to be done about the current situation. But J.B. and Penguin need to be looking ahead and planning for the future.

I just hope all this mess doesn’t leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth for the series as a whole (author, publisher, either narrator, fans, you name it). It would be a shame for this unfortunate series of events to cause problems for the future.

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and understand we’re all on the same side. We love these books and want them to be successful so our fave author can keep on writing and paying his bills.



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