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For a long time, I gave up on TV. I thought all the good shows were over, and nothing really interested me. The last few years, I’ve come to embrace a handful of shows, and this fall, many of them are coming back with a vengeance. Over the next few days, I’ll post some promos for the shows my Tivo already knows to record…

Spoiler Warning: If you aren’t caught up to last season’s finale, spoilers abound. So close that tab. Really.

A sci-fi fairy-tale for all ages. A 900-something year old Time Lord travels through space and time in a blue box, dragging all sorts of people along for wild and crazy adventures. He saves the world… a lot.

Ingredients of Awesome:

  • Visiting any place and any time – and then messing with stuff
  • It’s bigger on the inside
  • Seriously creepy villains
  • Clever lines & dialogue

Where we left last season:
Amy has given birth to her baby while imprisoned by aliens with nefarious intent toward the Doctor. Rory and the Doctor come to rescue them, but the baby is abducted. River Song shows up to deliver the bombshell: the baby grows up to be HER. ACK! WHAT HAPPENS NOW???