This is my third week of playing soccer two days in a row (indoor on Tuesday, outdoor on Wednesday).

Week 1, I felt great during the Wednesday game, but trashed the day after. Week 2, my legs were super tired during the Wednesday game, but I felt fine the next day. So I’m curious how it will go this week. Will I begin to adapt and get used to it, or just find a new level of fatigue?

Supposedly our new field has more grass on it. Last week was like running on lumpy asphalt (which may have contributed to my legs feeling tortured after 15 minutes).

But hey, the weather is fantastic, so I’m gonna take advantage of it while I can. My body can either adapt or suffer through. My heart gets a goofy grin every time I hit the field, and that’s what matters.

I have all winter to be comfy on the couch.