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Last Ado… for now

OK, after 24 hours of insanity, I promise this is my last post about Much Ado: The Movie. At least for a little while. This is EW.com’s big fat official interview with Joss, Sean & Amy. Some good details and a few pictures.

This one made me squee. And I’m not usually a squee-er.

Much Ado, photo of Alexis and Amy“Obviously people are excited to see anything Joss does but this intertwining of all these Whedon-verse actors is amazing. Everyone – from the cast to the crew – was handpicked to create this vision he had. It’s such a different take on so many levels, that comments on a different interpretation of the text. He’s just a genius and put so much of himself into it. His wife Kai told me that she hadn’t seen Joss this happy in a long time – it was something he needed to feed his soul, and that’s why I think it’s going to be magical.” – Sean Maher, interviewed by TheInsider.com

Also: Sean Maher interview on The Hollywood Reporter


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