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10 Things That Cause Stress In A Leader February 9, 2011

Actually…I am not sure if these cause stress in every leader…but I know these are the 10 most common things that cause stress in me…

#1 – I actually believe the church is MY church and not HIS church…and that I am in control rather than HIM! (See Matthew 16:18)

#2 – I do not trust the people who I delegate authority and responsibility to and actually begin to believe the lie that, “if I want something done right then I must do it myself.”

#3 – When I know without a doubt what God has spoken to me to do…but I begin to listen to the “experts” who tell me that the very thing God has called me to do is an impossibility.

#4 – When I try to explain myself to those who don’t really want an explanation…they just want to argue.

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