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Default Re: Conference Finals SKC vs Houston 11/6 4:30pm p/i/p [R]

From an outsider looking in.

As recently as two years ago, I watched my team fall in a crap shoot in the conference final. It hurts like hell, and you go searching for reasons or fault. Go ahead and do that, but in the end you should be thrilled with the state of your club. Refs? Coaching? Nah. The biggest factor yesterday was that you are simply a very young team that played pretty hard but lacked the experience of the moment. Your young players gained that yesterday and it will be invaluable moving forward.

I don’t think there is another team in MLS on the trajectory you are on right now. Great young offensive players like Sapong and Bunbury. A great veteran in Omar Bravo. One of the few really good young American born creative mids in Zusi. Someone earlier called Seth Sinovic the MOTM for SKC and I think that might be right. He was a fantastic pick up for nothing and is still very young. Solid goalie play. And perhaps, most importantly, this great young core has bought into a coach and is all pulling in the same direction.

Take that on field stuff and combine it with the off field. Best stadium anywhere in the country, fantastic fan support and a profile in the community that grew by leaps and bounds. A rebranding (which I usually hate) that seems natural and perfect at this point.

Let the sting wear off and then make sure you re-new your tickets for next year. If I was new to the league and picking a club to support right now, I don’t know how I wouldn’t go with SKC. Your club is doing everything right on and off the field.

Chris M.
Location: Chicago