An Undead Band from Denver, CO

Eight years since their last show, FIF is back and ready to rock some faces. Indie-style. Their Kickstarter raised enough to fund a new album in less than an hour. How awesome is that? This is a new song they put together as a taste of the future. A future that can only be better with more Five Iron in it…

We still know your name…

See The Flames Begin To Crawl
by Five Iron Frenzy

I’ve got pocketfuls of crumpled receipts,
just about enough to start a fire.
I’ll watch the past just burn away.
Put the mic stand through the amplifier.
Put the bass down, bass down,
one time, snap the neck now.
Drum set, smash it. Kick the kick drum,
one time, kicked in, smashed up, break it, break up.

See the flames begin to crawl, upward.
Taste the anguish as they fall, unheard.
Hear the record start to skip, unsung.
Feel the weight that sunk the ship, so young.

I’ve got notebooks full of misshapen words,
I’ll never speak them anymore.
Ten years from now, you won’t know my name.
Throw the microphone down on the floor.
Put the guitar, guitar, one time,
through the speaker, splintered, broken.
Throw the horns down, one time,
horns down, smash them, break them, break up.

The crowds recoil, demand our survival,
fists in the air, mouths caked with saliva.
But you are the one, the spark that was spawned,
who picks up the pieces, and passes it on.


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