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By Leslie (aka Missus SmartyPants)

Here are some basic organizational ideas to get your closet on the right rack… I mean track. Once you have closet purged, you need to TRY ON EVERYTHING you think you want to keep. While you try on, check to see if it really does fit you now. Is it a good wearable style for you? Is it a good color for you? (If the answer is NO, then these clothes also need to move to the give-away pile.)
Now that you have tried on EVERTHING, write down items of clothing (or accessories) that you could really use to complete some of the outfits-if you only had them. Set this list aside for safe-keeping. We will use it later when we plan our shopping. It’s time to dive into the depths of your closet! Ready…set… PURGE!

Seasoned to Taste. Pull everything out and put everything in piles by season. Decide, depending upon space, if you need plastic containers to hold out of season clothes. The object is to get clothes from winter out of your way when it is May…it makes no sense to have to scan through them daily when deciding what to wear.

Rack ‘em Up. Organize by item. All blazers need to be on the rack together. All long sleeve blouses together, as well as short sleeves. Do the same with your pants, dress pants together, jeans…any items that are the same need to be together in the closet. Fold all short sleeve t-shirts in a pile (or in a drawer) long sleeves together. You get the picture. Use baskets (or drawers) for undies and pajamas…work a system just for you! Remember: like goes with like. See how easy this is?

In Living Color.
Now colorize, put all black together, brown, cream and so on. This will help you see what colors you have in your closet. Is it all black? Great if you are a funeral director. You might consider looking into other colors that work for you. Of course don’t overdo a good thing. Black being a minimizing color, is what every woman needs. Do you see a color pattern?

All Together Now.
Put together outfits that you have based on the existing clothes in your closet. Try some things together that you might not have thought of, now that all the purged clothes are out of your way! Get creative! Pull out some accessories, scarves, belts, earrings, a keepsake necklace that will make a unique look-your style!

On the List. Make a list. Remember to check it twice, just like Santa. You may have some gaps in your wardrobe that need to be attended to. Maybe you could put together a really great outfit, but lack a great pair of cream pants to pull it off. Write it down.