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Tried-and-True Valentine’s Day Ideas
Posted on February 9, 2011 by lorilowe| Leave a comment

“Keeping the Sparks Alive” Series

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, many of you may be over-thinking what would please your sweetheart.

I could give you links to gift ideas for husbands and gift ideas for wives, but I think you know deep down what will be successful. Let me break it down for you.

For men, if it has to do with food and/or sex, you are probably onto something that will please him.

For women, if it sounds romantic, you’ll probably make her day. It doesn’t have to be the MOST original idea ever, although she will find it romantic if you remembered something she saw and liked. The vast majority of ladies out there would be thrilled if their husband used one of these tried-and-true ideas:


The Case for Married Couples to Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Why it’s important for you and your spouse to celebrate Valentine’s Day and continue the tradition throughout the year.

I’ll be the first to admit that not long ago, I would have been quick to declare that Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a “Hallmark” holiday. I’ve often said, “It’s just a reason for greeting card companies to push more product.” While they certainly capitalize on the holiday, I had an epiphany that brought me on board with the celebration.

Even before the light bulb went off above my head, I still celebrated Valentine’s Day and even enjoyed the holiday, although a certain piece of me felt it was contrived. Why should the calendar dictate when I show my sweetheart affection? Restaurants certainly don’t make me feel warm and fuzzy, raising their prices every year for this one night of candle-lit romance.

But don’t you see? That’s the problem. Not the prices, but that this happens just once a year. (Okay, so the prices can be excessive sometimes.) I was talking with one of our Hitched experts a few years ago and something in our conversation struck me. I don’t remember the topic of the conversation, but within our discussion it dawned on me that outside of our weddings and anniversaries, most of us don’t seek out to honor our relationships. Heck, a common complaint is that men don’t even remember anniversaries.

I actually think it’s good that we have a system in this country that commercializes love and romance. It’s nice to think of all the dollars that are spent to promote such a good cause. Can commercials and advertisements promoting love really be that damaging? Of course they’re self-serving, but as we zip past our husbands and wives throughout the days, months and years, isn’t it nice to know that there are forces out there working to remind us to slow down and take our spouses out for a night of romance?


11 Ways to Flirt with Your Spouse
Use these 11 simple tips to turn this Valentine’s Day into something more than a gift exchange.

In the beginning, flirting was probably effortless. From lingering glances to a flip of the hair, both of you were rapidly firing off cues that demonstrated a mix of interest and passion.

Fast forward a few years, past an engagement, marriage, honeymoon. Add in some careers, maybe a couple of kids, a mortgage, large appliances that need replacing, and before you know it, flirting is a distant memory.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a good time to brush up on the art of flirting and re-introduce it to your relationship with your spouse. This doesn’t have to be another time-consuming item for your “to do” list. There’s power in simplicity. A few small gestures throughout the day can be ongoing, gentle reminders to both of you of the passionate side of your relationship. You can re-ignite the flame with an ongoing series of sparks—you don’t have to light an inferno.

Here are 11 easy ways to add some flirtatious fun to your daily interactions with your spouse. Try a few out today!