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Sporting Go Bragh!

In celebration of the Sporting KC Home Opener on March 17, the supporters groups will have a float in the Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

I’m thinking of making a bunch of these out of the blue & green plaid fabric I found.

Would anybody be interested in a 3.5″ one for $3 a piece or a smaller one for $1? Clip it in your hair, pin it to your scarf…Got two different plaids, as well as Sporting Blue & Indigo:

And some fun buttons for the middle:

I also got some fabric with soccer balls on a green background. Anybody planning to bring a canine friend to the parade who might want a bandanna for $1?


6 thoughts on “Sporting Go Bragh!”

  1. I’ll totally buy some, let me know how to get them from you.
    Casey VanDyke (we may have met each other at McNally’s once??)

    1. I’ll be at the supporter event in KC this weekend, and at McNally’s for first kick on 3/10, and I’ll have a bag of rosettes with me at both. We probably have met at McNally’s. I’m usually recognizable as the girl glued to whatever tv is showing soccer…

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