A few weeks ago…

I was out doing deliveries for my job and was cruising through the central-west neighborhoods and saw two kids walking home from school. As I watched, the bigger kid, probably 2 years older than the other, grabbed the little kid by the head and started roughing him around. I slowed down to see if this was mutual rough-housing or if the little kid was being legitimately harassed.

As it continued, I became certain that the little kid wanted nothing of it. So I slowed down more. I pondered rolling down my window. But having experience as a kid of what happens when an adult intervenes, and what happens AFTER that adult is out of view, I decided it was likely to make it worse for the little kid if I did. So I just drove by very very slowly, trying to make eye contact with the big kid.

Big kid released little kid & shoved him to the edge of the sidewalk. As I continued up the block, I could see them walking on opposite sides of the sidewalk, little kid several paces behind.

I don’t know how much help I was, but at least for this afternoon, little kid isn’t having his head pulled off by big kid. And big kid knows people are watching.