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Quotes – Castle: Headhunters

Watching Castle episode “Headhunters” guest starring Adam Baldwin. Gonna pull out some quotable goodness for you…

Castle: “What can I say to change your mind?”
Slaughter: “That is a very fine coat…”
Castle: “And it would look fabulous on you.”

Slaughter: “Man needs a friend, he gets a dog. Woman like that [Beckett], you storm the beaches or die trying.”

Slaughter: “You packin’?”
Castle: “Packing? No. I’m not a cop. My vest says ‘writer’ on it.”
Slaughter: “Rule number three. You ride with me, you ride strapped.”
Castle: “What about regulations?”
Slaughter: “You signed a waiver, didn’t ya? You take the front, I’ll go in back.”
Castle: “Woah. Shouldn’t we call for back-up?”
Slaughter: “You got a skirt says ‘writer’ on it too?”

Slaughter: “I tell ya what I’d do. I’d go all caveman on that partner of yours. Show her what time it is in ‘real man land’.

Castle: “You wouldn’t have really crushed him.”
Slaughter: “Nah, course not. It would have been more of a… mangling.”

Slaughter: “You look like crap. Here, little hair off the dog, that’ll get ya flyin’ right.”

Castle: “You’re not gonna mangle anyone today, are ya?”
Slaugher: “I like to keep my options open.”

Slaughter: “Hola, gentlemen! On behalf of the NYPD, I’d like to welcome you to the greatest city on God’s green earth.”

Slaughter: “Lest you want your friends to see what the inside of your head looks like, back off.”

Firefly homages were very subtle, and it’s hard to tell if maybe I was just looking too hard for them. But here’s what I saw:

  • Castle playing w/ the toys – Wash/dinosaur scene
  • Exchange of the brown coat
  • Bar fight
  • Interrogating the Jamaican – Mal interrogating Jayne in the airlock
  • “I like to have my options open”
  • And maybe it’s stretching a bit to think that there were vague references to a few episode titles, namely “Trash” and “Out of Gas”.

BONUS: Avengers promo at the end. Nothing to do with anything, except we all know what (or who) Nathan Fillion and Avengers have in common. And that’s why any of this matters to us anyway.


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