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Honduras 2012 Recap

Pictures from my trip are available on Flickr.

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Highlights of the trip:

  1. Building 5 beds and giving them away to families in need.
  2. Building a playground in the rural town of Namasigue, which has very little for children to do.
  3. Doing puppets in Namasigue for kids who haven’t seen such a thing before.
  4. Visiting families on the sponsorship waiting list and hearing their stories.
  5. Sharing the Gospel in neighborhoods near the church’s community development center.
  6. Seeing the progress of the Children’s Nutrition Center, the day care, the computer & English classrooms.
  7. Hearing the dreams for the new library & cafeteria at the community development center.
  8. Seeing the Mission House under construction, and realizing that even the impossible dreams are possible when God is behind them.
  9. Getting to visit with the lady we built a house for last year, and seeing how she’s turned the bare structure into a cozy home.
  10. Seeing the progress of the Nueva Esperanza community that we’ve been helping build for five years.

I could really keep going, but 10 seemed like a good number of highlights.

Oh, but here’s a bonus highlight: Playing Girls-Only soccer with the girls of Nueva Esperanza. So often the girls get left out when boys are playing, so because our team had a handful of soccer-loving ladies, we offered to play a “no boys allowed’ game, to give all the girls some playing time, regardless of age or skill level. It was easily one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had in Honduras throughout the years. The little girls, some of which are generally shy, came alive on the field. Running, shouting for the ball, tackling each other & then giggling about it, taking on the “gringas” with enthusiasm and skill.


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