Created an unexpectedly good meal last night. My collard plants went nuts this spring, and I trimmed them down on Saturday, so I had an abundance of greens that needed cooking.

I boiled them in broth with onions. I added a layer of spanish rice with canned tomatoes and jalapenos (all out of my pantry). I topped it all off with some baked beans leftover from an office party last week.

Mostly I thought I’d just choke it down in order to use up the mismatched foods. And hey, there were food groups here! Protein and fiber and vitamins!

But as it turned out, the beans’ BBQ sauce complimented the rice pretty well, and the greens and onions were flavorful enough to blend well, but not overpowering. I had a bowl for dinner last night, and made two more to bring to work this week. It’s just as good today, reheated for lunch.

But I’m sure, if I try to duplicate it again, it will be terrible 🙂

I also used up some oranges that were getting wrinkly in the crisper, juicing them and adding some canned pineapple juice from the pantry. It was my breakfast this morning 🙂

In all, I was able to use up some languishing foods from my fridge & pantry, and got last night’s dinner, today’s breakfast and lunch, plus one more serving out of the whole thing.