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Hiding Veggies in Food

I’ve been trying to get more veggies into my diet.

I bought a bunch of veggies for a family meal, which didn’t all get used. So I had to figure out how to put the veggies to good use, even if I didn’t feel like eating them.

Enter my hand blender (otherwise known as the “magic wand” because it sounds more exciting than “hand blender” or “immersion blender”).

I blended the crap out of those veggies. I pureed cauliflower, carrots and (boiled) collard greens with a little bit of chicken broth.

I added them to soup, pasta sauce, and taco sauce.

My little blender pulverized them to the point that they disappeared into the sauces, and I didn’t notice any significant flavor changes.

I’m hoping to try many more veggies in many different foods. Next on the experiment list is sweet potato.

I’m also super happy to have found a way to use those collard greens from my garden that I can’t seem to harvest fast enough.


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